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Working and feeling good needn’t be contradictions in terms. Zenith helps you find your personal work-life balance. Use it – because ideas are born and flourish best in a relaxed and attractive environment.

Name: Zenith
Location: Boulevard du Roi Albert II 37
1030 Brussels

Zenith was designed by the internationally renowned architects SCAU and the Belgian architect José Vandevoorde. The dynamic that its asymmetry and the different heights of the three building components generate not only makes the office building itself more vibrant, but also its surroundings.

Just a stone’s throw away from Brussel’s historical town centre and located in the middle of the business district Espace Nord, Zenith is a highlight off the Boulevard du Roi Albert II.
Built on a raised pedestal and positioned at the head of the Boulevard, this building welcomes visitors before they even reach the generous reception lobby, which spreads across the width of the Boulevard.

The technical fittings are designed to create a comfortable environment for the people who live and work in Zenith.
For example, security is a major issue: the elevators do not offer direct access to the office areas; visitors have to enter the building through the lobby. The extensive CCTV surveillance in and around the building also bears witness to Zenith’s high security standards.

The façade concept is also designed for comfort: the glazing is such that interior windows can be opened, giving the tenant a pleasant connection to the world outside through the soft background noise.

Offering a breathtaking view across the entire Brussels skyline, the Zenith building also makes sure that work and comfort can go hand in hand thanks to the concierge service, in-house restaurant and catering, innovative transport systems, high security standards and flexible and fast leasing of space.

Thanks to the energy-efficient building concept, including the optimised use of daylight, triple-glazed façade elements and high insulation level (less than K45), Zenith has lower operating costs than comparable office buildings. Furthermore, energy efficiency and sustainability are also achieved with the help of a holistic sustainability concept, including the use of rainwater in the sanitary areas and an energy-efficient heating and cooling system.





Source: Zenith Building

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