Tetris - Start commercialization

500 to 10.000 sqm office space

± 47.000 sqm Design “green” Offices with SUPREME FLEXIBILITY:
based on the game where blocks can be put together in endless combinations.

A fully modular and flexible building system so customers can grow along with their premises and vice versa. Companies’ office space requirements now vary much more than before.

The design of every building is based on a set basic module, 18m by 18m. Hence the name Tetris, based on the
game where blocks can be put together in endless combinations.

As there are no fixed walls or columns, each floor can be arranged with closed offices or as an open plan office. A building may have different entrances so it can be divided or sublet while all users still retain their own identities.

The buildings can also be interconnected. 

Below ground level so that two sets of premises can be used as one building. Users also can choose from different finalisation options for the facades. The flexible architecture based on set basic modules means flexible rental agreements tailored to the customer can be developed. These are consistent with the requirements of operators who have to manage their companies during unpredictable times.

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