An optimistic environment, with a clear focus on the end user. An iconic design by an award winning architect. A reserved spot, in the middle of the smartest region in the world. Those concepts, coming together in the Dutch Mountains, are the basis for an open-source approach.

Workplace of the future

Challenges related to a rising world population, conflicts about food and fresh water supplies, and climate change tend to strike us with concern about the future. That is why our world deserves nothing but the best ideas. Ideas from both the most optimistic and ambitious persons and collectives from all over the world, in an environment that tells the tale of their dreams, efforts and results. Those places already exist, but a fitting physical environment would unite ideas and people even more strongly for more societal leverage. Take for instance the Brainport region in the Netherlands, an acclaimed ecosystem where the most amazing technological companies already work on solutions for the future. People may understand the importance of the magic that is happening here, but are actually not able to experience it. Simply put, a real epicentre on a global scale – an optimistic icon where the workplace of the future and a high-tech experience come together – is missing. That is what the proposal for the Dutch Mountains is based on.

To develop such a dynamic paradigm, a consortium of ambitious parties, focusing on the end user, is being set up. This consortium is enriching the concept of the Dutch Mountains with its specific knowledge, concerning for instance high-end facility management, dwelling concepts and smart intelligence infrastructures. End result: a clear outlook of the (working) environment of the future with a matching operation model. This all originated from the first development track of the concept. This track is shaped by a strict focus on a demanding end user and developed as a service concept.

The second track is the physical framework of the concept, the building itself. An expressive design by Architizer-award winning architect Marco Vermeulen is the perfect spatial translation of the previously described set of ambitions. The horizontal nature of the design boosts the fortuitous combination of various functions in the building and enhances the versatility of (future) use of space. Furthermore, the 440 meters wide building features two raised tips to provide an iconic image visible from the nearby highway and an amazing inner garden of 1.3 hectare, shielded from that same highway.

Finally, the third track covers the spatial context. A perfect spot for the Dutch Mountains has already been identified, right at the heart of the Brainport region. Located between the city centre of Eindhoven, the airport and ASML (one of the largest high-end employers in the region), and alongside the A2 highway, the RUN1000 area could be perfect location for our ambitions. The building dimensions in the design have already been based on the parameters of this location, so a perfect fit is within reach.

Next steps
The initiators are currently working on setting-up an ambitious venture of leading and emerging parties for the development of the Dutch Mountains. This will be a highly ambitious consortium with, for instance, market leading firms and ambitious research institutes. Not only do they strive for the development of this layered concept, they pursue the development of their own organisation as well by engaging in this inspiring enterprise.




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