Blue Towers

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Designed to become a new place of destination - combining business, leisure, retail surfaces and recreational activities in a vibrant new setting!

Name: Blue Towers
Location: Ottergemsesteenweg
9000 Gent

As a result of their extremely central location, at the intersection of the E17/E40/R4, combined with the use of innovative ventilation and cooling technologies, these new structures will undoubtedly become benchmarks for the office market in Ghent and Flanders!


BREEAM excellent certificate
Thanks to the efforts of its developer Ghelamco, these new office buildings (offering 3.511 sqm and a spacious 14.778 sqm!) have been awarded with the much-coveted “Breeam Excellent” certification.

Ghelamco uses high-performance glass for its groundbreaking office buildings, allowing in exceptional levels of natural light and filtering out unwanted thermal radiation.  Innovative cooling, heating and ventilation systems make these new twins of the Ghent skyline at the Dacar site highly cost-efficient, while also ensuring a pleasant and healthy work environment.

Ghelamco: a vision af society
Ghelamco deliberately opts to construct its office buildings using the best materials and technologies available on the market. By focusing on giving shape to its corporate vision of benefiting society, this easy-to-reach location is home not only to the two office buildings described above, but also to the ultramodern Artevelde stadium, a retail centre and a range of eateries.





Source: Ghelamco

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